A team consisting of young vibrant professionals with  exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled  with extensive industry knowledge provides a fresh  approach to make customised solutions to problems  and client expectations.  

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We have our experts located in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ghana and we bring in our own set of expertise in the way of services we provide. We have been practicing our skills in Hybridised Seeds, Fruits, Agriculture, Natural Stones, Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Leather, home furnishings, Sports & Hard Goods Industry through our experts located in various locations globally.

DRD Team consists of people qualified in the field of Social Work, Human Resource Management, Human Rights and have a wide experience of working in the industry at the grassroots level. With this quality industry experience our teams's core competencies are, providing consultation to suppliers, brands, multi-stakeholder organizations in corporate governance; undertaking compliance monitoring, trainings and capacity building programmes for brands, factories and workers, research and documentation among others. We have been associated with international brands, multi-stakeholder Initiatives in India and Overseas. We are also involved in research and documentation including policy making, guidelines setting, development of CSR manual, remediation Programmes and factory Improvement Projects. DRD has under its belt the experience of working on various Factory Improvement Projects (FIPs) each focussing on different aspects. As experts in the field, DRD is involved in every stage upon client selection from offering continual functional assistance to implementation of pragmatic support through our wide ranging services. Our mission is to facilitate ethical development by enabling the industry stakeholders to make them achieve the economic goals by attaining social principles.


Glowmob.com is an independent team of experts providing technical solutions to the companies worldwide. They provide technical support and web solutions to DRD.

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