Business dynamics have changed a lot over the past few decades now and it needs to acclimatise society's rapidly changing   expectations for them. With glocolisation asking us to take up different techniques of corporate governance, the scenario in the   the industry too is changing. Where co-orporate social responsibility is becoming mandatory, Sustainability is a necessity and ethical  enhancement a requisite. In such a scenario, it is important for the industries to be abreast with the current trends and endorse methods  which can keep them in time with the big globalised world. With this idea and motivation, we bring you a Direction towards Responsible Development (DRD) DRD stands for 'Direction towards Responsible Development' - a professional firm aiming to provide superior and customised services  in CSR and Sustainability.We are an independent think tank and social enterprise that inspires and illustrates sustainable CSR practices. As experts in the field of compliance and corporate social responsibility, DRD is involved in every phase upon client selection from  implementation and offering continual functional and pragmatic support. We are not only pro-social but also pro-business. We are not ideologists but realistic towards the ever- changing Socio-economic world, yet our principles remain the same ‘developing business with responsibility towards the society’.  

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We strive for: Ensuring that economic development is achieved. Ensuring happy employees which further ensures a productive workplace. A better working condition, which is achieved through choice and not by force. Direction towards Responsible Development business ethics & consultancy services. © DRD 2011 | Design by Ankit. Powered by GLOWMOB