Direction towards Responsible Development

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business ethics & consultancy services. Clientele Experience
• Good Weave International (developed
   Guidelines for the Rug's Industry)

• Have joined hands with CRB for the
    project on ĎScaling up Indian CSR

• Participated in the International Consu-
   ltation Roadmap 2016 and The Garme-
  nt Manufacturing Sector organized by
  Global March Against Child Labour
  on 11th May, 2011.

• Attended Talk on Business Respon-
   sibility and Public Good. Jointly
organized by Business and Commun-
ity Foundation (BCF), Deutsche Ges-
ellschaft for Internationale Zusammen-
arbeit (GIZ) GmbH and India Internatio-
nal Centre (IIC).

• Conducted Suppliers' Trainings
   organisaed by CRB

• Conducted Suppliers' training for BSCI

• Partnering with SAI for WE-Project
    in India

• Participated in SAI's RAGS training
OBJECTIVE / MISSION To enable ethical development by facilitating with factories and companies to make them achieve the economic goals by attaining social principles. © DRD 2011 | Design by Ankit. Powered by GLOWMOB We strive for: Ensuring that economic development is achieved. Ensuring happy employees which further ensures a productive workplace. A better working condition, which is achieved through choice and not by force.